Sexual Lubricants
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Stimula for Men

Stimula for men is a specially designed personal lubricant that can help a man last longer during se...

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Stimula for Women

Stimula For Women is designed to help increase sexual sensitivity and work as a highly effective lub...


Sexual Lubricants

There are four main types of lubes available, water-based, oil-based, silicone-based and natural-based lubricants. Of the four, Water-based personal lubricants are the most popular type of sensual lubes on the market today. The personal liquid lubricants industry was accidentally started by Dan Wray, a subcontractor for NASA in the 1970s, he invented the initial prototype while trying to create a lubricant to help space shuttles re-enter the atmosphere. Some of the first water-based lubricants were developed using cellulose ether or glycerin solutions. Water based lubes are also water-soluble, and will absorb directly into the skin. The water base also makes cleanup easy with just a little warm, soapy water. Water base lubricants are also safest to use with condoms, they dont break down the latex like oil based and silicone lubes do.

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Stimula for Men is specifically designed to help men last longer during sex. By improving stamina this gives a man more confidence in fully satisfying his partner. BUY NOW


Stimula For Women is a highly effective lubricant that intensifies sexual sensitivity straight through orgasm when applied to the clitoris, taking sex to another level. BUY NOW


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Water Based Personal Sexual Lubricants

Why choose a water-based sexual lubricant?

Silicone-based lubricants will leave your skin feeling sticky and can be difficult to wash off. Oil-based lubricants are messy and arenít compatible with latex condoms.

A water-based sexual lubricant is the ideal choice because it washes off with soap and water and doesnít leave unsightly stains. Water-based lubes are safe to use with condoms and have a luxuriously smooth and natural feel.

Stimula for Women: Intensifies Sensual Pleasure Increase Orgasm

Stimula Sexual Lubricant Designed for Women

Enhance your sex life with Stimula for Women, a water-based lubricant designed specifically for a womanís pleasure.

Stimula for Men

Increase your stamina with Stimula for Men, an all-natural lubricant that will help you please your partner all night long.

Stimula for Couples

Take your sex life to the next level with the Stimula Package and experience mind-blowing sexual pleasure that lasts.

Feel the heat without the friction.

When things get steamy, you want to be ready. With Stimula, youíll be able to enjoy hours of sexual pleasure without chafing or discomfort.

Stimula for Women enhances female sensitivity when rubbed on the clitoris. The silky smooth texture feels natural and never dries out or gets sticky.

Stimula for Men: Increase Male Sexual Stamina, Delay Ejaculation

Stimula Sexual Lubricant Designed for Men

Stimula for Men will help you perform like a rock star in bed. Gain control of your sex life, increase your partnerís pleasure, and delay ejaculation until the moment is right.

Stimula is completely natural and odorless. It doesnít contain any harmful chemicals like glycerin, which can make women prone to infections.

Using Stimula to enhance sexual pleasure

Stimula comes in 12 individual packets for convenience and ease of application. Simply keep your lube nearby so it will be available when the mood is right. When things start to heat up, open a packet and warm the lube with your hands before applying.

When using Stimula for Women, sensually massage her clitoris. The lubricant will make her more sensitive and augment her arousal.

When using Stimula for Men, grasp his penis and spread the lubricant up and down the entire shaft. The lubricant will make him rock hard and increase his longevity.

Adventurous couples know that lubrication is essential when engaging in anal sex. Stimula is perfect for those occasions when you dare to go there. It provides all the silky smoothness you need for a satisfying sexual experience.

When youíre with your partner, you donít want to hold back. Try Stimula for Women and Stimula for Men and experience the next level of sexual pleasure.